If you are anything like me, you are probably Mr. or Ms. Last Minute! I swear if I ever write an autobiography, it's going to be called "Running Late: The Ashley Almon Story". Yup. 

 Photo Cred: Jessica Wood Photography

Photo Cred: Jessica Wood Photography

Now, speaking of "Running Late", we are almost running late for the holidays! First off, I can't believe there are only 2 days left of Chanukah, and Christmas is a week from tomorrow! Crazy how time flies. In my family we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas, so this time of year is a little bonkers. 

So, I've compiled a list of quick gifts ideas to grab for some of your friends and family you may have temporarily forgotten about in the heat of the holiday moment. I know I do this sometimes, there's just so much to think about! 



Always a great gift! Not sure which kind to get? I usually look at price at the grocery store and the reviews from team members. If a wine is reviewed well and is in the $15-$20 range, I think that's a decent gift to give! Bottoms up!

2) Fitness Classes

Let's face it, this time of year all we basically do is consumer sugar and spend money. That's stressful, so getting someone a few fitness classes (I recommend hot yoga) for the holidays is a great "Thank You" for being in my life kind of gift. 

3) Recipe+Ingredients

Want to sort of make your own gift? Give your loved one a recipe to make plus all of the ingredients. It's fun, easy, clever, and maybe you'll get to taste whatever delicious thing they end up making!

4) A Card with an Experience from YOU!

I feel like I do this every year. Just grab a nice card and write in it what you are going to do for the person. For example, one year my Dad did this for me, and inside the card he wrote:

"Merry Christmas"... For you:

1. Tickets to see any concert of your choice (for us to see together)

It was a great gift, and we ended up seeing Bob Dylan! Amazing!

5) A Card With a Donation to Their Favorite Charity

This is what Christmas is all about! Donate some cash to your loved one's favorite charity! You can't go wrong with extreme kindness!

Our Engagement Photos: A Lifestyle Shoot with Alante Photography

 Photo by Alante Photograpy;

Photo by Alante Photograpy;

 Photo by Alante Photograpy

Photo by Alante Photograpy

For some of you who know me on a personal level, you will know that I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 5 years! It's an exciting whirlwind of a time, and recently we had these moments captured with an engagement photo session with local company Alante Photography. 

Alante Photography is a husband/wife team who create stunning, exceptional photos that showcase your relationship with your "person". They are incredibly easy to work with, and make everything so fun! We couldn't recommend Kimberly and Loren enough from Alante. 

 Photo by Alante Photography

Photo by Alante Photography

These are just a few photos of the many that we will have soon! Jared and I are currently going through our proofs to see which ones we want to keep! In our particular package we get to have 25 incredibly images! (But of course we could upgrade to get more too if we like!) We really love how these turned out, and couldn't be more satisfied with them! 

What we like most is how much fun we had while taking these pictures! Kimberly and Loren took the time to sit down and really get to know us! On the day of the shoot, we all went out to brunch together, had one of the best bloody mary's I've ever had, then figured out a game plan. We had 3 or so locations, which made it interesting and gave us that "lifestyle" shoot look we were looking for!

Basically- can't recommend Alante enough. Check out their instagram too for some amazing pics- always fun to look at!

The Fox and the Thistle's Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays have officially arrived, which means that the annual gift guide is here! It's not super long, but it's meant to help you get those creative juices flowing!I know that the holidays are not just about gifts, but I think they are about acknowledging the important people in your life! I show my friends and family I love them by a thoughtful gift or card, but that doesn't always work for everyone. For others, their love language is time. So, if you plan on buying a loved one a gift (or making one) be sure to spend time with them too!



But here goes, The Fox and the Thistle's Holiday Gift Guide 2017!


I absolutely love SOREL'S! I've had my pair of wedges for 3 years now! (And am actually wearing them now!) They are so comfortable! I also have lower back problems, and I find that these are my most comfortable shoes when my back is acting up. Did I mention they are weather proof? Yes, you can wear them in the snow!

Sorel Wedges

The Perfect Gift!


I LOVE Mac! It's been my go-to makeup since I started wearing makeup at age 20. (Yes late bloomer- I blame musical theatre. Wearing rouge every night just turns you off from it.) But these mac gift sets are perfect for anyone who is at all interested in make-up! Especially if they are traveling soon, because they are TRAVEL SIZE! 

 Mac Makeup Snow Lip Kit $39.50

Mac Makeup Snow Lip Kit $39.50

CITY MAP GLASS (For the Traveler in your Life!)

Relive your past travel excursion in the engraved artistry of this glass! I just LOVE this, and know exactly who I will get this for! 

 City Map Glass; $14;

City Map Glass; $14;

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster (For the Movie Buff in Your Life)

This movies scratch off poster is perfect for the filmmaker/movie buff in your life! We all know one of those right? In my case, it's ME! So I may just buy this for myself. And it's only $18! Love those gifts under 20 bucks!

 Scratch Off Movie Poster; $18; 

Scratch Off Movie Poster; $18; 

Preparing for a Vegan Thanksgiving

November is one of my most favorite times of year. It is the calm before the storm so to speak. I love the holidays, but the holidays for me this year will be different. It will be one of the most exciting and overwhelming holiday seasons of our lives- because it's the only holiday season where we are engaged. Next year we will be married- it'll have a whole new meaning. 

I love the holidays because everyone seems to be in a better mood (unless if you work in retail). I love all of the food, the sweaters, the get togethers. All of it. I know the holidays bring some stress but I am doing my best to approach them as best I can. 

Probably the biggest hurdle I have to get over are meals. Thanksgiving being the big one. I've never been a huge fan of Thanksgiving- given I'm not as into food as my relatives. Though I did not learn this until getting to know my boyfriend now fiance's family. I thought I enjoyed food, then I met a different group of people, who really does. I always end up feeling bad because I am usually pretty conservative with how much I eat because of my food allergies and general digestive issues, but I sometimes I feel like I am being rude. 

I don't think my parents mind too much (as they aren't food motivated people) but I worry that this other side of the family is. But I just want to stick to my guns this year. I won't be eating turkey (first of all I don't like turkey- and second of all I don't eat meat anymore.) But I also want to see about bringing some other foods to share that are vegan friendly.

So with that being said, I've done some research on places in Seattle who offer some good vegan options for pick up:

1) Flying Apron (for take home pies)

They are now doing pre-orders for vegan and gluten-free pies! (I'm heading there today to put my order in!)


2) Plum Bistro

Plum offers a full Thanksgiving dinner if you need somewhere to go! They have excellent food year round, so I can only imagine what their Thanksgiving would be like!

Hello, World!


3) Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora is also doing a full Thanksgiving dinner! Not all options are vegan, but all are vegetarian and can be made vegan upon request! Pretty neat! 


Committing to Health: Back to Plant Based

So, I'll admit it, I am not the healthiest person out there- although I may put out a feeling that I am. I LOVE working out! But- I also love sugar, carbs, alcohol, and lots of things that I shouldn't have every day. Just because you love to work out (and do often) doesn't mean you are the healthiest. 

I know that I need to make better choices, so I thought that I would start to put it down on "paper" here. I have also noticed that this past year my immune system has been exceptionally weak. In past years, maybe I would only get sick once or twice a year, now it's been every quarter. Not a fan. 

Now, some of you who are reading have known me for quite some time, but some of you are first time readers, so here comes some backstory! About ten years ago, I became vegan for health reasons, and that lasted for a good 6 years- until I met a boy. 

Now- mind you that boy has now turned into my fiance (flash forward 5 more years) but mid way into our relationship I fell off the vegan wagon, and began eating whatever he was eating. Which was fun for a while, but I "forgot to remember" that we have very different bodies, and therefore different sensitivities. I began eating dairy occasionally again, and sometimes meat, and it didn't make me feel well at all. I almost always regretted it. (Side note: I get stomach aches a lot, and I notice them more when I eat heavier proteins.) 

So, today I'm officially making a choice to head back to that more "clean eating" plant based lifestyle. But- for the record I still hate kale. Sorry guys- I just can't do it. 





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