Committing to Health: Back to Plant Based

So, I'll admit it, I am not the healthiest person out there- although I may put out a feeling that I am. I LOVE working out! But- I also love sugar, carbs, alcohol, and lots of things that I shouldn't have every day. Just because you love to work out (and do often) doesn't mean you are the healthiest. 

I know that I need to make better choices, so I thought that I would start to put it down on "paper" here. I have also noticed that this past year my immune system has been exceptionally weak. In past years, maybe I would only get sick once or twice a year, now it's been every quarter. Not a fan. 

Now, some of you who are reading have known me for quite some time, but some of you are first time readers, so here comes some backstory! About ten years ago, I became vegan for health reasons, and that lasted for a good 6 years- until I met a boy. 

Now- mind you that boy has now turned into my fiance (flash forward 5 more years) but mid way into our relationship I fell off the vegan wagon, and began eating whatever he was eating. Which was fun for a while, but I "forgot to remember" that we have very different bodies, and therefore different sensitivities. I began eating dairy occasionally again, and sometimes meat, and it didn't make me feel well at all. I almost always regretted it. (Side note: I get stomach aches a lot, and I notice them more when I eat heavier proteins.) 

So, today I'm officially making a choice to head back to that more "clean eating" plant based lifestyle. But- for the record I still hate kale. Sorry guys- I just can't do it.