The Fox and the Thistle's Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays have officially arrived, which means that the annual gift guide is here! It's not super long, but it's meant to help you get those creative juices flowing!I know that the holidays are not just about gifts, but I think they are about acknowledging the important people in your life! I show my friends and family I love them by a thoughtful gift or card, but that doesn't always work for everyone. For others, their love language is time. So, if you plan on buying a loved one a gift (or making one) be sure to spend time with them too!



But here goes, The Fox and the Thistle's Holiday Gift Guide 2017!


I absolutely love SOREL'S! I've had my pair of wedges for 3 years now! (And am actually wearing them now!) They are so comfortable! I also have lower back problems, and I find that these are my most comfortable shoes when my back is acting up. Did I mention they are weather proof? Yes, you can wear them in the snow!

Sorel Wedges

The Perfect Gift!


I LOVE Mac! It's been my go-to makeup since I started wearing makeup at age 20. (Yes late bloomer- I blame musical theatre. Wearing rouge every night just turns you off from it.) But these mac gift sets are perfect for anyone who is at all interested in make-up! Especially if they are traveling soon, because they are TRAVEL SIZE! 

 Mac Makeup Snow Lip Kit $39.50

Mac Makeup Snow Lip Kit $39.50

CITY MAP GLASS (For the Traveler in your Life!)

Relive your past travel excursion in the engraved artistry of this glass! I just LOVE this, and know exactly who I will get this for! 

 City Map Glass; $14;

City Map Glass; $14;

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster (For the Movie Buff in Your Life)

This movies scratch off poster is perfect for the filmmaker/movie buff in your life! We all know one of those right? In my case, it's ME! So I may just buy this for myself. And it's only $18! Love those gifts under 20 bucks!

 Scratch Off Movie Poster; $18; 

Scratch Off Movie Poster; $18;